EdgeBSD/lm32 at EuroBSDCon2014

News by fallen on 06/10/2014 20:26:25
I had the great pleasure to get the opportunity to give a talk at EuroBSDCon2014 about my EdgeBSD port to LatticeMico32 open source CPU (featured in the Milkymist open source System-on-Chip).

I presented the way the MMU works in the LatticeMico32 CPU and then I gave an overview of the steps I followed in order to get kernel+user space /sbin/init to run on Qemu-lm32. The talk included a small demo of the kernel+init booting in Qemu.
This talk is basically about my work in my EdgeBSD branch named "fallen-port-milkymist": http://git.edgebsd.org/gitweb/?p=edgebsd-src.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/fallen-port-milkymist
The slides are available over there: http://sionneau.net/eurobsdcon2014/